A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

After the loss of his beloved wife, an old man seems to be forgetting her. With the help of an old photo, can his son remind him of the good times they once had?

Made in one month for MAGS February 2017, with the theme "As Time Goes By".

  • Game Engine: Adventure Game Studio
  • Interface: Two-click (left-click to interact, right-click to examine)
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Game Length: Short
  • Available for Windows and Linux

Created by Riaise
Music by Kevin MacLeod

Edit 17/03/2017: New version has been uploaded with a fix for a bug in one of the puzzles. The puzzle itself has also been slightly altered to make it play better.

Install instructions

No installation required, just unzip the file and start the "Memories Fade" application. Windows users can change full-screen and scaling settings using the "winsetup" file.


MemoriesFade-Windows.zip 7 MB
MemoriesFade-Linux.zip 10 MB


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Gave it a go...


Thanks so much for playing! I'm pleased that you enjoyed the story. I can see that I should have given better hints as to what to do at some points, but I'm glad that you figured it out in the end!

I made some criticism about your game, plz don't be mad ;n;

Hi! Thanks for playing the game. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, that was my main concern when I was making it. I don't know why the game was running so slowly, I haven't had anyone else mention that so far. I'll look into it and see what I can do about that.

About the artwork, I know that I'm not a great artist, but I am trying to improve. Hopefully in the future I can make better looking games!

About the inventory menu, I realise now that I should have put a button or something to indicate where the inventory and options buttons are. I did put instructions on the game page (just above) and in the readme that you left-click to interact and right-click to examine objects, but I will bear in mind for future games that I should put the controls somewhere in the options menu. I did rush through the menus a bit, as I made the whole game in one month for a contest.

Again, thanks for playing and thank you for your comments. I will take them on board and use them to make better games in the future! :)

Don't worry about the lag, that's my bad, my computer just suck -_-

I belive you can do better ^u^ I will love to play another of your games and see improvement.

Hi :) I really enjoy the game so far. But I have run into an issue. I got the rain, and the dancing show done--but how do I get the cake? When I look at the cookbooks, he says to look at the photo to see the type of cake, but no matter how much I look at the photo, nothing changes. I also tried using the photo on the books, but that did not work either. I assume it involves the candles, but I can't get anything to happen. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug?

Hi! Sorry I haven't replied sooner! Have you clicked on the cake in the photo? Have you also tried clicking on the images of the cakes in the cookbook? If you have done both of those things and it is still not working then it is a bug and I'll need to look into it. Let me know how it goes! :)

When I click on the cake, there is a dialogue about trying to find out what kind of cake it is, but nothing more. When I click on the books, or try to use the picture on the books, it mentions cookbooks, but no pictures of cake come up when I do that. So it looks like the issue is that I'm not getting the images of cakes from the cookbooks to click on?

OK, so to confirm, you've spoken to the father about the cookbooks, then when looking at the books you were told to check the photo (this is supposed to happen if you haven't already found out what you need to). Did you right-click on the photo in inventory, to look at it and click on the cake from there?